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EXPLORE is the new programme of Museum With No Frontiers to promote “slow travelling”. In our Database you will discover many locations that are rarely covered in other travel guides, descriptions of monuments and sites that are difficult to find elsewhere, and background information compiled by local experts who invite you to take your time and to explore the various places with an insider's eye.

EXPLORE is based on the results and experience of 15 years of MWNF field work. The programme currently explores 510 locations in 14 countries, providing information about 1405 museums, monuments and archaeological sites. The EXPLORE Database is expanded continuously.

  • To provide people who are passionate about exploring other countries – through study or travelling – with relevant information;

  • To provide local authorities with a specialised platform that increases the international visibility of their cultural heritage and enables them to benefit from synergies with other countries;

  • To offer scholars an opportunity to make their expertise about specific monuments and sites accessible to interested non-experts;

  • To create a tool that offers everyone who has created qualified documentation or promotional material about cultural heritage to make this material accessible.

Navigation in EXPLORE is free. All sources include copyright info and, where available, names of authors.

We welcome your feedback.