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Explore Islamic Art Collections 
A unique opportunity to explore 71 museums and to discover the world of Islam through masterpieces representing the history, culture and artistic legacy of the Islamic dynasties from the period of the Umayyad Caliphate (661) until the end of the Ottoman Empire (1922). The best way to prepare for a tour in the footsteps of a great Civilisation.
Explore the Islamic Heritage of the Mediterranean
Did you know that Islam has strongly influenced Christian art in medieval Spain and that this art is called Mudéjar? And do you know the difference between minarets in the Maghreb, minarets in the Middle East and minarets in Turkey? Explore 1203 museums, monuments and archaeological sites in 445 locations and learn about our thematic tours and publications.
Explore Baroque
In the Baroque era, splendour became the dominant principle in European art and an incredibly rich explosion of the arts was the consequence. The nobility and the church rivalled each other in displaying the reign of earthly or heavenly powers while the rising bourgeoisie wished to demonstrate its new status. Well-known masterpieces and hidden treasures invite you to explore the exuberance of Baroque art and architecture and their cultural environment.
Explore Portugal
Situated in the extreme south-west of Europe, continental Portugal and its islands are an amazing reservoir of discoveries: a genuine workshop and a unique melting pot of styles and techniques, strongly influenced by Portugal‘s Mediterranean and trans-Atlantic outlook through the centuries. 296 monuments in 126 locations provide an opportunity to explore the legacy of Islam, the Great Discoveries and the Baroque.
In cooperation with Turismo de Portugal
Explore the Arab World (In Preparation)
Building on the extensive material produced by MWNF to document the artistic legacy of Islam in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, this section will explore highlights of the cultural heritage of the Arab World as a whole. Its richness and variety will be documented by masterpieces relating to all periods of history and to all civilisations that have shaped the multicultural background of Arab societies today.
In cooperation with the League of Arab States, Transport and Tourism Department.
Explore Tyrol (In Preparation)
With this project MWNF will return to the place where, in 1994, the adventure of Museum With No Frontiers began: in the Austrian region of Tyrol in the centre of the Alps MWNF set up a network of 30 thematic itineraries relating to Gothic Art, Baroque Art and the artistic legacy of Maximilian I. Explore Tyrol will include descriptions for 269 monuments and provide suggestions for exciting walking.