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EXPLORE with MWNF: makes local heritage visible to international audiences

Most probably you have already experienced how difficult it can be to find appropriate information about certain places that you intend to explore during your travels, for your studies or simply to pursue your cultural interests. Or you have been to places where supposedly there was nothing to be seen and where you discovered many things that you feel deserve a visit.

This is where EXPLORE with MWNF comes in, combining two purposes that complement each other: to provide visitors to the various locations with a source of appropriate information about the places to be seen; and to offer people who are familiar with the cultural and natural heritage of the various locations the chance to share their knowledge with potential visitors and enabling them to explore the places with an insider eye.

EXPLORE focuses on locations that are situated off the well-established routes of mass tourism and turns the spotlight on little-known treasures of cultural and natural heritage. The currently available information builds on the experience and results of the work carried out by MWNF since its foundation in 1995.

Expanding the EXPLORE with MWNF Database is a work in progress and you are very welcome to contribute. Contributions from external providers require coordination with our editorial team and the use of our templates. If you wish to contribute please contact us at You decide whether you wish to retain the copyright for your contribution or prefer to transfer it to MWNF and whether your name appears on our website or not.

Contributions should primarily concern countries and locations that are already included in the EXPLORE programme and should be in the local language or in English. The kind of information that can be presented in connection with the various locations includes:

Textual descriptions and images related to places to be visited (cultural and environmental heritage): museums, monuments, archaeological sites, parks, etc.;
  • Relevant academic works that could be of interest also to non-experts;

  • Descriptions of walking tours;

  • Background information about eating habits, specialities, specific local traditions;

  • History and practical information about the location.

Information about accommodation, places to eat and cultural events is provided through links to external websites.

EXPLORE also offers opportunities for advertising; if you are interested please contact us at as well. Advertising at EXPLORE multiplies your international exposure and enables you to target people with specific interests in cultural heritage, environment and travelling!

We look forward to welcoming you as a user or a contributor and would like to thank you for the time you dedicated to reading this text.

Eva Schubert
On behalf of MWNF and the EXPLORE Team