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Martorelli Inn ( Garibaldi 4-6)


Martorelli Inn ( Garibaldi 4-6)


How To Reach

Located in Piazza di Corte / Corso Garibaldi 4-6.


For visits, please contact the Archeoclub Ariccia (See under Guided Tours).


Near the Neapolitan Gate on Piazza di Corte there is the formerly named Casino Stazi (after its owner, Giovan Battista Stazi, who restored the building in 1768) which was transformed in the 19th century into the famous Martorelli Inn (Locanda Martorelli), a staging point for those Grand Tourists who travelled from Rome to the Alban Hills or stopped over to continue towards Naples.

The main hall on the piano nobile was decorated in 1770 by the Polish artist Taddeo Kuntze, who executed a pictorial cycle inspired by the history of ancient Aricia: the myth of Diana, Hippolytus and Fedra, the conspiracy against Turno Edornio, the battle of the Regillo Lake, the Egeria Nymph and Numa Pompilio. The inn that hosted artists such as Turner, Corot, Nino Costa, and writers such as Andersen, Gogol, Ibsen, Longfellow and D'Azeglio, is now home to the Grand Tour museum. In a room on the third floor they recently found various drawings – doodles, portraits and caricatures of bourgeois, bandits, priests and even a self-portrait of D'Azeglio – that the artists had sketched on the walls.

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Museo Senza Frontiere, Saverio Capozzi, sulla base di materiale fornito da:
arch. Francesco Petrucci; © Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF).

Locanda Martorelli © MWNF
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