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Urban Gate (Basto del Diavolo)


Urban Gate (Basto del Diavolo)


The so-called "Basto del Diavolo" (Devil’s packsaddle), located at the intersection of Via Appia Antica and Via di Vallericcia, is probably the Roman Porta Urbica (Urban Gate) built in the Republican period and which provided access to the Forum of Aricia. It consists of an arch in opus quadratum with armilla (a second set of ashlars) incorporated on a wall on the sides. The Eastern face shows signs of the 19th century’s restorations. During the excavations of 1980, basolato (a type of Roman paving) of Via Appia Antica was found under the arch and later interred again.
(Bibliography: E. Lucidi, 1796; G. R. Florescu, 1925; R. Lefevre, 1977; M. Lilli, 2002; M. Leoni, 2008)

Porta Urbica, detta Basto del Diavolo © Palazzo Chigi Ariccia

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