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Colle Pardo


Colle Pardo


The hill on the border between the territory of the municipality of Ariccia and that of Genzano (after the Sanctuary of Galloro) scenically frames the municipal area with its ridge. From a panoramic and landscape point of view, Colle Pardo is certainly one of the most popular sites to be found along the route of the Appia Antica in the southern slope of the Castelli Romani (Roman Castles).

From a height of 490 metres above sea level, you can enjoy a panorama of immense beauty that ranges from the capital to the Roman coast, up to the Circeo and the Pontine islands, with openings in the direction of the villages of Ariccia, Genzano, Lanuvio, Velletri and the scenic view of the Artemisio and Monte Cavo woods.

The famous topographer Rodolfo Lanciani called it "il Colle dell'Addio" (the Farewell Hill), as the upland was the last opportunity for legionnaires headed south to bid Rome farewell before it would disappear from their sight.

The Appia Antica climbs over Colle Pardo from Vallericcia, thanks to the monumental viaduct called Sostruzione (substructure), built using the technique of opus quadratum, which dates back to the Gracchi age. Rupestrian tombs carved into the rock, remains of sepulchres and a large Roman cistern (Monticella estate) can be found on the crest of the hill towards Ariccia, reflecting the importance of the site.

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Museo Senza Frontiere, Saverio Capozzi, sulla base di materiale fornito da:
arch. Francesco Petrucci; © Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF).

Colle Pardo © Palazzo Chigi Ariccia

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