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Emissary of Nemi Lake


Emissary of Nemi Lake


The monumental Emissary of Nemi Lake (at the end of Via della Polveriera), probably built by Greek-Ionian masters, is one of the most important feats of engineering of all antiquity, and can be compared only to the Emissary of Albano Lake and the Eupalinos Aqueduct of Megara in Samo. The channel transported the water of Nemi Lake, at the Sanctuary of Diana Nemorense, through Vallericcia and toward the sea near Ardea; the first section consists of a tunnel of about 1650m carved into the rock. Above the entrance, the Chigi emblem can be seen. It dates to the end of the 6th century BCE, immediately after the battle of Aricia of 505 BCE (F. Coarelli).
(Bibliography: E. Lucidi, 1796; G. R. Florescu, 1925; R. Lefevre, 1977; V. Castellani, W. Dragoni, 1991; F. Coarelli, 1991; M. Lilli, 2002; M. Leoni, 2008)

Emissario del Lago di Nemi nei pressi della Sostruzione dell'Appia Antica © Palazzo Chigi Ariccia

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