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Municipal Building


Municipal Building


The town hall building can be found in Piazza San Nicola at the end of the Corso; it was built in 1997–1998 in post-modern forms according to the design of architect Francesco Petrucci. The area used to host a monastery of the Christian Doctrine Fathers, which had been built in 1668, transformed into a town hall in 1870 (after the final defeat of the Papal State in Rome and the unification of Italy) and destroyed during the Allied bombing of 1944. On the balcony you may appreciate the terracotta reliefs representing Rural Work (the grape harvest) and Industrial Work, symbols of ancient and modern Ariccia; while on the side facing the Church of Saint Nicholas one might see the terracotta finial depicting Diana Aricina and the inscription with the famous quote of Cicero about Aricia (Philippica, 3): "[Aricia] municipium vetustate antiquissimum, jure foederatum, propinquitate paene finitimum, splendor municipium honestissimum". These reliefs were made by the sculptor Claudio Cottiga.

The Town Hall is connected to a pre-existing building that looks onto Piazza della Repubblica and Piazzale Mazzini, previously used as an elementary school and today as municipal offices. Walls in opus quadratrum of the Republican age, which were part of the substructures to the republican temple, can be seen through openings on the street level. Other similar walls are visible inside the building and in particular at the headquarters of the Municipal Treasury on Via Laziale.
(Bibliography: A. Martorelli, 1930; A. Mancini, 1982; F. Guglielmi, 1985; F. Petrucci, 1998c; id., 2004)

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