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Saint Nicholas Square (Piazza San Nicola)


Saint Nicholas Square (Piazza San Nicola)


The square, which is overlooked by the church of Saint Nicholas and the Municipal Building, was radically restructured in 1995–98. The restoration brought to light structures in opus quadratum from the late Republican period belonging to the podium of a three-celled temple, perhaps a Capitolium, the Temple of Juno or the Temple of Jupiter mentioned by Livy. It was on these roman walls that, in the early Christian age, the Collegiate Church of Saint Mary was built, to be later demolished in the 17th century by Alexander VII for the construction of the new collegiate church on Piazza di Corte. The remains of 17th-century walls are instead from the old monastery of the Christian Doctrine Fathers (F. Guglielmi, 1985). The parvise’s flooring is partially made of the basalt slabs from the 19th-century pavement of Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

In front of the entrance to the town hall there is the Bella Flora Fountain (Fontana della Bella Flora), with a marble base, four bronze shell-shaped basins, and a bronze female statue. The fountain was built in 1886, and it has become the symbol of Ariccia itself, although its sculpture comes from the old municipal cemetery and represents a young deceased maiden, not the nymph Aricia nor the goddess Flora.

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