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Roman Gate (Porta Romana)


Roman Gate (Porta Romana)


The Roman Gate is so-called because it faces Rome, just as the Neapolitan Gate, at the other end of the town, faces Naples. It was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and built in 1673 by Luigi Bernini, Gian Lorenzo’s younger brother, and Giovan Battista Contini. Supported by the massive southern bastion, the Roman Gate is an example of neo-medieval architecture, and can be seen as a continuation of the adjacent medieval embattled walls, which were built by the Malabranca family, feudal lords of Ariccia from 1168 to 1223. Moreover, one can see a smaller arched portal incorporated in the walls, called the "Portella" (the tiny door), which was the ancient access to Ariccia. The external face of Porta Romana bears the marble coat of arms of the Chigi della Rovere family, sculpted by Lino Malucardi.

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Museo Senza Frontiere, Saverio Capozzi, sulla base di materiale fornito da:
arch. Francesco Petrucci; © Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF).

Porta Romana, dall'interno © MWNF

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