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Among Ariccia's archaeological heritage there are also several burials and funerary monuments. These include: a square-plan sepulchre in peperino blocks at the so-called Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii, and the funerary monument with a rectangular plan and in opus latericium, both on via Appia Antica; a rupestrian tomb on via della Costa and one on via del Pometo; a sepulcher in opus latericium at Palombara Tower, and two on Via Appia Antica near the Chigi Tower; one circular burial in opus caementicium on via della Polveriera; one at the end of the Substructure of via Appia Antica.
(Bibliography: E. Lucidi, 1796; G. R. Florescu, 1925; R. Lefevre, 1977; M. Lilli, 2002; G. Gazzetti, 2002; M. Leoni, 2008)

Sepolcro © Palazzo Chigi Ariccia

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