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Stalloni Chigi


Stalloni Chigi


This impressive building complex starts in Piazza della Corte and continues along Via Flora, once called Via dello Stallone (which means stallion). It was built by architect Carlo Fontana between 1665 and 1668 and it consisted of two separate structures. The first, the Abitazione per famiglia (literally the family house) hosted the Chigis’ entourage, and it was divided in two floors, the ground floor being used as a garage for stagecoaches. The building was heavily altered in the post-war period.

The second structure was designated to host the stables (Scuderie). After having been acquired and restored in 2010 by the City of Ariccia, it was turned into a public library. Even though this building too underwent through severe modifications in 1956, when, in order to divide it into smaller apartments, slabs were built, parts of the original architecture can still be seen: namely, the basilical plan and the division into three aisles, the cross vault resting upon massive Doric columns.

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