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Villa Barbetta (V. dei Villini 27-31)


Villa Barbetta (V. dei Villini 27-31)


Villa Barbetta is a three-storey building on via dei Villini, n. 27–31. It was built in neo-medieval style, as shown by the upright merlons on the battlements, the crenelated tower with a trifora, its ground floor covered with peperino bossage and senese-styled windows, and biforas and the second and third floor. Moreover, the walls host several fictitious heraldic shields, as well as the Albani coat of arms. On the fence wall built in peperino stone you can admire the neo-Romanesque gates. Since the end of the second world war, the Villa has belonged to the Silvestroni family.
(Bibliography: A. Martorelli, 1930)

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