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Villa Comunale (Menotti Garibaldi Park)


Villa Comunale (Menotti Garibaldi Park)


The wooded area before the Monumental Bridge coming from Albano was a state-owned property until it was acquired by the Municipality of Ariccia in 1887, to be used as a public garden. The current design with geometric flowerbeds according to the classic "Italian garden" scheme was arranged in 1933. The square in front of the entrance hosts the Monument to Menotti Garibaldi, hero of the Ager Romanus, carved by Ernesto Biondi of Morolo in 1903, a renowned sculptor who won first prize at the International Exhibition of Paris in 1900. The marble base is enriched with reliefs depicting the Roman countryside with huts and aqueducts and a view of Ariccia. The 17th-century gate to the garden on via Appia Nuova, with jambs in peperino and trapezoidal centring, was originally located in the quarry of Cupetta near the Savelli Park, and it was reassembled here in 1998.

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Museo Senza Frontiere, Saverio Capozzi, sulla base di materiale fornito da:
arch. Francesco Petrucci; © Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF).

Monumento a Menotti Garibaldi © MWNF

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