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Villa of the Emperor Vitellius (Via D. Marinelli)


Villa of the Emperor Vitellius (Via D. Marinelli)


During the imperial period, Aricia underwent major urban developments, as testified by several sites and remains of patrician villas scattered throughout the district of the ancient city. Of particular interests are the ruins traditionally thought to be Emperor Vitellius’ villa, built not far from the Via Sacra. The ruins and the large perimeter indicate it was an imposing construction of which we can still identify a nymphaeum in opus caementicium and opus reticulatum, as well as two cisterns that ensured the huge water supply for the villa’s thermae (bath complexes).

In 1740, following the excavations on the site, Augusto Chigi reused the floors of the villa to create the brecciated marble tables that can now be admired in the Chigi Palace in Aricia as part as the historical furnishing.

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Museo Senza Frontiere, Saverio Capozzi, sulla base di materiale fornito da:
arch. Francesco Petrucci; © Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF).

Villa dell'Imperatore Vitellio © Palazzo Chigi Ariccia

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