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Villa Le Lieure (or Le Lieur)


Villa Le Lieure (or Le Lieur)


The villa faces via Appia Nuova (via dei Villini, n. 4–8), and was built between 1850 and 1870 by Count Le Lieure. It is surrounded by a large park that was once owned by the Atii, the maternal family of Augustus, and it still hosts the ruins of the so-called Temple of Aesculapius, with structure of opus quadratum and opus reticulatum, as well as the former hermitage ‘Romitorio della Stella’. In 1744 the latter was rebuilt as a church with the alms of the Austrian army on the occasion of the Battle of Velletri, celebrated in many paintings, drawings and engravings (ancient access from via Appia Antica). In June 1879 the villa hosted Giuseppe Garibaldi, who spent the holidays there with his family; on that occasion Ubaldo Mancini, the future mayor of Ariccia, saved his son Manlio, who had fallen into the large basin in the garden. During the 1900s, after having been owned by the Sisters of Nazareth and later to the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus of Hiltrup, it was turned into a hotel, today called Hotel Villa Aricia.
(Bibliography: A. Martorelli, 1930; A. Mancini, 1982)

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