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Bonaparte Primoli Palace


Bonaparte Primoli Palace


The Palace overlooks Piazza della Repubblica (numbers 4–10), formerly called Piazza Agostino Chigi, at the end of Corso Garibaldi. Decorated with a bossage pattern, it consists of three floors and an attic floor, with a forepart on the right framed by paired Ionic pilasters and a bossage base. Originally built in neoclassical style around 1830 at the initiative of Luciano Bonaparte, prince of Canino (1775–1840), brother of Napoleon, the Palace was later enlarged on its left side by Carlotta Bonaparte in 1858–59. It was the country residence of Count Giuseppe Primoli (1851–1927), photographer and a central figure in the cultural environment of post-unification Rome.

Through the years, the residence hosted illustrious guests, including Matilde Serao, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Marcel Prevòst, Ernest Hébert, Aristide Sartorio and other important artists and writers of the time. In 1919 the palace was sold to Nicola Bianchi and divided into housing units.
(Bibliography: F. Petrucci, 1993; Ariccia 1996)

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